Business English - self study tips

Business English - self study tips

Veröffentlicht am: 31.03.2021

Hi everyone,

today I would like to tell you more about business English. A lot of my student would like to understand this part of English. One of the ways how to improve your language skills is reading or listening. Our brain perceives every sentence and stores it for a later usage. That's why I would like to recommend you few articles and podcasts, which could help you. The key is not to try to understand every word you see. A lot more important is to catch main idea.

Good luck! :)


Web pages where you might know more about business English:

1. MoreBusiness
2. The Wall Street Journal
3. Forbes
4. Bloomberg
5. Yahoo Business
6. The Economist
7. The Harvard Business Review

and also Podcasts:

1. Business English Podcast
2. Quick Business English’s Podcast
3. BBC Business Daily
4. HBR IdeaCast
5. TEDTalks Business
6. Wall Street Journal This Morning