Spanish, math and physics teaching for approving and understanding

Marcos B.

Marcos B.
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Mathematik, Physik, Spanisch
Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel
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Fr20 - Fr30 für 60 Minuten
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Thank you for taking the time to read my description, my name is Marcos I am Argentinian but I am currently in Switzerland.

I am studying my "master" in Physics specializing in Atmospheric Sciences. Since I started my career I gave private classes in Mathematics, Physics and even English or Spanish at basic level.

My methodology is based on the understanding of the basic concepts in depth. I believe that studying to pass is not a "life-option" although I also understand sometimes the educational systems have this as "the goal" and we can work towards that goal anyway.

I like to work with my students in a horizontal manner, discussing the contents in an atmosphere of camaraderie (coaching) and far from the traditional academic verticality, which often turns out to be very inefficient and, moreover, anti-empathic with the students.

I guarantee, we are going to have a nice time ! :-)


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I have a great time studying with Marcos. He is a really good, patient teacher who manages to make the subject funnier and gives you motivation to keep studying and studying !! I took physics classes with him and I can say that I'm starting to like this subject :) I've also just started taking Spanish lessons which I could also only recommend as he is native from Argentina ! - 27.01.2021