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Can tutoring English help to learn or improve language skills?

Tutoring is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Whether you need to improve your English, broaden your English vocabulary, or even get an English accent—online or offline tutoring with meet'n'learn might be the right help with the English language. Here's why and how.

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What kind of help with English do you need?

You can improve your general or business English, or simply start learning from scratch. Our tutors help kids and adults to learn English but also offer online or in-person group English classes for companies, firms, or sales teams.

Do you want to learn English online or offline?

Most of our tutors offer not only face-to-face but also online English lessons. Online English tutoring can be a win-win situation but make sure to have enough calmness and a fully charged device, so you can concentrate on your English lessons.

Are you looking for a native English tutor?

With meet'n'learn, you can learn or improve your English language with a native speaker. It is a great way to not only hear, absorb, and speak English with an accent, but also learn about English, American, Canadian, or Australian culture.

In-person learning

Choose an English tutor near you

Private tutoring is a good way to get help with English. First, choose one of many native or non-native tutors near you—whether you wish to improve your conversational or business English, or just tidy up the mess with the English tenses.


Talk about English, goals, time, and price

Discuss together what you expect from your English lessons and whether you prefer learning English online or in person. If you are looking for English classes for your child, make sure to include your dearest one in the first meeting.


Learn English and let others know

Follow the plan you made with your tutor and improve your English—from writing, listening, and reading to speaking. Once your English lessons are over, review your tutor. It helps all who want to learn to speak English—just like you!


What do students want to know the most about English?

meet'n'learn is a marketplace for online & offline tutoring of the English language. Our database contains thousands of English tutors—both native and non-native—near you. They offer online or face-to-face English tutoring. First, you choose one of the tutors, then you agree on the price and schedule, and then you can start your English lessons. The payment for the classes is set up in advance and you pay securely via our platform. Once you are finished, you can review your tutor and help others connect with her/him.

Here on meet'n'learn, you will find English tutors who teach both adults and children but also tutors who specialize in teaching kids English. You, as a parent, are welcome to join these classes too.

That is a good one! Tutoring suits many people because it is usually based on one-on-one English classes. With face-to-face tutoring—online or offline, you have the full attention of the tutor which rarely happens with teachers at school. However, if you learn a foreign language at school but feel a need to improve, private tutoring might be the answer to how to get advanced in English.

Sure! Are you an English Basic User (A1—Beginner or A2—Elementary English)? Then you most probably wish to develop your language skills to an English Independent User level (B1—Intermediate English or B2—Upper-Intermediate English). This will not be a problem, since many of our private tutors work exactly with this scale. And even if you speak English very well, our tutors can help you get prepared for the Proficient English User (C1—Advanced English or C2—Proficiency English) certification. Good advice: Make sure what level of English language you want to speak so your tutor knows how to work with you and also what is the goal is that you wish to achieve together.

Many people are looking for an English tutor to improve exact language skills, such as accent, writing, reading, or listening. Private tutoring is also one of the most popular ways to help people prepare for English exams or English tests—TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, TOEIC, SAT writing, GMAT, STAMP, CAL EPT, UCELA (Cambridge), or PTE Academic.

This is very individual. From our experience, students with online English lessons have chosen these mostly because of time and comfort. You surely save time if you learn English online. Most of the meet'n'learn tutors offer both ways of learning English. Therefore, we recommend that you try both ways to see what works best for you.

With the coronavirus crisis, many online communication tools have improved. Learning English online has also reached another, better level. So yes, you can learn English using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Just make sure you make time, space, and have a calm setting during your online lesson, as doing this will you show respect to your tutor and also enable you to learn English online faster!

Whether you are a total beginner or an almost professional who only needs to improve some language skills, the most important for you is to find a tutor near you who will teach you English the way it suits you. We believe—and the tutors' reviews are proof of it—that no matter what you wish to do with the English language, with the right tutor, you can make it happen.

No, when you count only native speakers. But yes if you count both native and non-native speakers. Plus, it is so widely used that it is often considered to be “the world language“. If you ask this question to know if it is important to speak English, then our recommendation would be: “Definitely!“

English is not considered to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. Still, it has its complexities that give some students problems—English tenses or learning to speak with the proper English accent. Even these issues can be overcome with the meet'n'learn tutors.

All our tutors get a chance to be reviewed by their students. This will make it possible for you to get a clear picture of the most favored English tutors near you. However, new tutors with few reviews can be less busy and show up to be great people to learn English with. Choose your tutor and have a chat with her/him. If you are still not sure, take your time and decide the next day.

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English tutoring abroad

Some students seek English tutoring in another country or with a foreign tutor. Do you know how to say English tutoring in English, German, or, for instance, Finnish?

English tutoring in German: Englisch-Nachhilfe

English tutoring in Czech: Doučování angličtiny

English tutoring in German: Englisch-Nachhilfe

English tutoring in Danish: Lektiehjælp i engelsk

English tutoring in Finnish: Englanninkielen opetus

English tutoring in Hungarian: Angol korrepetálás

English tutoring in Romanian: Meditații la Engleză

English tutoring in Swedish: Läxhjälp i engelska

English tutoring in Slovak: Doučovanie angličtiny