English fluency lessons for learners with levels A2/B1

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Fr5 - Fr15 für 60 Minuten
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I have been speaking English for years and I have made a course based on the most common used words in spoken English, in which I explain the different uses of each word in everyday conversations in practical spoken sentences + the most common idioms and phrasal verbs related to that + 500 real phrases such as greetings, thanks...etc. I have tried this on myself personally and I guarantee its efficiency for everyone who has been studying english but still finds it hard to be fluent after spending hours and effort on learning. I was born in Egypt and I have a degree in physical therapy by the way. But having said that English has been the most used language for me in the last 10 years. I am languages lover, that's why my dream is to do something with languages and help others on their journey with English fluency.

Types of lessons
A. One-to-one on SKYPE call for 90 minutes (for learners who prefer to have private lessons)
Benefits of option A one-to-one lessons:
1. For those who are shy to learn in groups, they can keep their privacy while they learn
2. Ability to ask any question in times between lessons either by sending messages or voice messages any time or on quick small calls in case there is time for it, all this free of a charge, plus any additional time beyond the 60 minutes of each lesson is free of charge too

B. Group of around 3 people on WHATSAPP or the like (can be relations, friends, or collegues who are in constant contact and ready to encourage each other and learn together)
Benefits of option B group lessons:
1. Discount in price in which the lesson for 90 minutes only costs Fr5 for each learner in such a small group of 3 people more or less instead of Fr15 for one-to-one learners.
2. Ability to rewind the lesson on the group chat window any time as it will be saved in written and verbal messages after it's been taken.
3. Advantage of having secondary group with same learners where they can practise writing and speaking together in more practical natural way as casual chats under my supervision, and discussing any notes related to the lessons too
4. Free quick private calls for learners who want to ask about anything in the lessons taken in case they want to try a live quick conversation (this is free of charge and upon agreements between me and learners if need be)

Free of charge offers in the beginning:
1. Preparatory lesson about American pronunciation symbols which is the IPA chart for better understanding of english sounds, plus overview of the structure of lessons..... FREE OF CHARGE
2. The first lesson is taken for free so each learner can be sure of what they will pay for later on

1. Serious learners only who are willing to study each lesson taken and practise.... otherwise it will be a waste of your money if you dont study and practise
2. Each learner must have basic knowledge of English which is about basic grammer rules and common vocabulary (which we will improve in practical way)....even if you find it hard to speak now, it will be ok with such a basic knowledge

Frequency of lessons (on agreements between me and learners):
- Starting from twice a week
- average time for each lesson is 90 minutes

N.B. there will be full written notes for each lesson in Word or pdf file to be as a source for you for good that you can use forever


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